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Rui by CyaniDairySentinel
Reqiuped : Reference Character, Background Color simple

Yes :
-Original Character
-Kemonomimi [Maybe but, I'm Usually first drawed original character male wolf]
-A True of the Good Person

No :
-Mecha or Robot
-Equiped Smoking
-Spooky [Except very less spooky and No Super Powered dark Side please]
-Bad "A Talking dirty or Cruel" Person [I check your character who was able to curse]
-Hot girl [I'm dislike flirty/playboy guy now. *Hmph*]
-Mustache or Beard


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Hello, my name Cindy
I asked my mentor :iconantoniusantonps: because i will to learn my art shading
I went to know! - I went to know! but no this

v      v
v      v

:iconcyanidairysentinel: : What difference Shonen and shojo ?
:iconantoniusantonps:  : Shojo usually very pretty and the thin male
                                  Shonen usually
very manly and face look like cool
[So the fat male do not like?]

:iconcyanidairysentinel: : A male (shonen) main character usually
flirty (maybe no flirty)
:iconantoniusantonps:  : Yes because shounen from the point of view of the brain guys much.
                                   sexy girl,
somewhat porn/flirty guy (dirty minded)
[I know at first watched with big brother Sw*** *** **line
, Ki*ito has somewhat flirty haved many girls. I hated :s *giggle*]

:iconcyanidairysentinel: :
why female (shojo) and female (shonen) are difference a costume polite and sexy ?
                                  sexy costume is most popular whereas polite costume is less popular?
:iconantoniusantonps:  :  Yes that right cindy
                                   although not polite costume.
                                   a people
                                   if shojo polite courteous. because the manga in view from the perspective of girl.
reality the girl does not want to dress everyday as girl in shounen. be shy

:iconcyanidairysentinel: :
Why much popular shonen and less popular shojo ?
:iconantoniusantonps:  : shonen popular because exciting story
                                   shojo less popular because most gendre love in school
                                   no exciting
[Where shojo gendre no romance or homo just want like shonen please... i want story heroine/princess save world from evil or bad person to fight like shonen. It's just like a drama indonesian]

:iconcyanidairysentinel: : why male (shonen) not handsome whereas male (shojo) handsome ?
:iconantoniusantonps:  : Male (shojo) handsome but no cool, not have superpower and strong
                                   Male (shonen) Although it is not but usually cool and strong or a character interested

I was just wondering
I waiting to learn shading next day but my mentor
was thinking set the time and day
I going to drawing how female (shojo) and female (shonen) are difference a costume polite and sexy.

I think there is something Forget bonus.
Sailor moon only popular of shojo because...
usually guy like magicial girl it's very sexy because mini skirt -_-
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Cindy Chan

Original made :


Nickname : Cindy
Best Game Favourites : Ragnarok Online (Series) and Pokemon (Series)
Like : drawing, playing games and Musics
Dislike : Storm "Brontophobia" and Creepy or Spooky Male Character?


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